by Polly Hansen - New Orleans Writer
 New Orleans Music 

There was little doubt where life would take native New Orleanian Chrlie Miller.
However he got there, it was certain music would be the path he ran.

Even the lack of a 'normal' musical instrument set no bariers to the grade school
musician-to-be. You simply played your mom's garden hose, right?

The inevitable was set in motion when, at the age of 12, an old New Orleans musician
gave Miller his first horn. A dented beat up old trumpet thrilled the young man, annoyed
the neighbors and dogs and charted a course for a lifetime of sharing a talent that just
keeps giving.

Charlie Miller's music is the very essences of New Orleans... her intrique, her quirks and
foibles, her people and the echoes of all her legendary musicians. Most of all... Charlie's
music is the genuine thing - the real music of New Orleans in all its diversity.

Welcome to the world of the complete musician.

New Orleans Music
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New Orleans Music

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