by Dan Willging - Denver Co. (Dirty Linen Magazine) 
 New Orleans Music 

Although Dr. John disbanded his long-running road band, which trumpeter 
Charlie Miller was part of, that didn't stop this New Orleans-based musician from 
staying busy. The inspiration for Peace Horn came from Miller playing lofty, floating 
solo passages while relaxing in his garage. 

Through his skilled embrouchure technique, disciplined breathing and partial valve 
depression (great for slurry note drop-offs), Miller's expressive playing taps the very 
pulse of the Crescent City. 

His compositions sre soundscapes of familiar scenes, like a sunrise glistening in the 
Mississippi waters ("DayBreak"), experiencing the vibes of the city's musical legacy 
("Sweet Magnolia Blues") or the loneliness of a dimly-lit street ("Lullaby Peace Dreams"). 

Moreover, the tunes provide a subconscious escape, offer consolation or just nod in 
undestanding. More than just music, they're a quiet journey with an introspective soul. 

New Orleans Music
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New Orleans Music

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